Since we moved back to our home village Gstaad, where we opened a place for Asian massages and therapies, in the year 2000, we travelled yearly 1-3 months for further training to Asia.

In January 2004 we started a trip to follow the ancient knowledge of healing. The trip took 17 months and lead us trough India, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia und Indonesia. The further trainining and schooling of different techniques was the aim of this trip. We learned Kalary Payattu, the ancient indian martial and healing art in Calicut/Kozikode. In Mc Leod Ganji, the home base of  His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Kershun introduced us to the art of the Lu Jong and the Tsa Long, Tenzin tought us the Yak Nelo and Tsampa Massage. In Thailand we took some training in ancient Thai-Massage with Mr. Poo and in Indonesia as well as in Malaysia we learned about the old wisdom of the Jamu-medicine.